Falling Oil Prices And Coexistence With Shock :Study In The Pattern Of Oil Rents

Pages 1-19
Haider Hussain Al Tohme


Using Probit Regression Model to predict the failure of companies

Pages 20-46
Abdulrahman Obaid Juma; Iyad Hammad Abd


The effect of intellectual capital in the knowledge economy :Empirical study in Anbar province

Pages 47-73
Ali Nabi Sali


Causality between Saving and Investment in Jordanian Economy

Pages 74-94
Hussein Ali Zyoud; Jawad Shaker Freeh


The Role of the establishment of the Central Zakat funds in reducing the problem of poverty to the city of Erbil analytical study of 2015

Pages 95-119
Amin Mohamed Saeed; Saber Mohammed Sabah; Farhad Rahman Mohammed


The role of domestic investment and foreign direct investment in economic development Compared to Iraq with neighboring countries for the study period 1990-2010

Pages 120-135
Fayez Hillel Srih


Analysis of the expected international migration: a study of a sample of students in the University of Salahuddin for the academic year (2015-2016)

Pages 136-160
Sardar Usman; Luqman Othman Omar; Nasaha Hashim Mohammed


The Technical And Economic Feasibility Study Of Setting Up A Waste Paper And Cardboard Recycling In Erbil City

Pages 161-182
First Mohammed Abdullah; Bakhtiar Saber; Amin Mohammed Saeed


The Role of organizational culture in promoting financial transparency practices and their impact on the effectiveness of the organization

Pages 183-213
Mohammed Adnan Abd; Atheer Anwar Sharif


The Correlation between strategic flexibility and structural dimensions and their influence in the adoption patterns of social responsibility

Pages 214-252
Ahlam Ibrahim; Brichan Maroof; Mohsen Hassan Osman


leading quality of university education in accordance with the strategic planning

Pages 253-283
Fadela Salman Dawood


Measure the impact of the strategic direction in the management of organizational change

Pages 284-313
Abdulrahman Taher


The impact of Lean Manufactring slim pillars in strengthening the company's competitive advantage

Pages 314-343
Susan Abdul Ghani Ali


The role of marketing information system in strategic marketing decisions

Pages 345-387
Sami Saber Abdullah


The role of the tourism sector in generating employment opportunities for the city of Erbil for the period 2007- 2015

Pages 379-401
Sardar Usman; Idris Sulaiman Abdullah; Nasah Hashim Mohammed


Six sigma methodology to adopt in reducing the quality of education cost:A Case Study in the Faculty of Management and Economics at the University of Anbar

Pages 402-423
Sakar Zahir Omar; Fayez Hillel Srih; Saleh Ibrahim Younis


Possibility of adopting the approach of Scientific Revolutions in the interpretation of scientific progress in Accounting

Pages 424-444
Hikmat hmed Hassan; Bushra Najim Abdullah


The use of cash flow measures in assessing the quality of earnings: A Case Study in North Bank for Finance and Investment

Pages 445-466
Asma Saohil


The role of the Land Bank in solving the housing problem in the province of Arbil during the period (2008-2013)

Pages 467-496
Najat Jamal Mohammed; Buari Burhan Mohammed

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