The Effect of Styrene-Butadiene- Styrene on Moisture Damage Resistance of Asphalt Mixtures

Pages 263-270
Hayder Abbas Obaid


Studying Some Properties of Unsaturated Polyester Composite Reinforced by Carbon Black Particulate

Pages 271-275
Jassim Mohammed Salman


Improvement of Oxidation Resistance of Austenitic Stainless Steel by Chromizing-Siliconizing

Pages 276-289
Ali Hobi Halem; Haydar Hassan Jaber; Roaa Hatim Hatif


Effect of Pavement Layers Properties on Optimum Performance by Mechanistic–Empirical Method

Pages 290-297
Ahmed Abbas Jasim


The Magnitude of the Hydrological Frequency Factor in Maximum Evaporation Estimation for Five Stations in Iraq

Pages 298-305
Zainab Ali Omran


Appraisals of Environmental Sustainability Indicators of Diwaniya Wastewater Treatment Plant

Pages 306-314
Sahar Abdulkaream Altaee; Mohammad .A. Alanbari


Using Digital Image Correlation Method for Measuring Surface Crack Opening Displacement and Surface Crack Propagation and Crack Tip in Alpha-Alumina

Pages 315-328
Mohsin Abbas Aswad


The Production of Biofuels From Grain Yellow Corn

Pages 329-335
Kassim Kadhim Hameed; Kanaan Mohammad Musa; Sadiq Jafar Allawi


The Effect of Combination and Addition of Some Mineral Fillers on Hot Mix Asphalt Performance

Pages 336-347
Fatimah Fahem Al-khafaji


Improving Local Hospitals Response Against Crises Events and Terror Incidents

Pages 348-362
Abass Ismael Ibrahim


Effect of Cooling Rate on the Phase Transformations Behavior and Hardness of NiTi Shape Memory Alloys

Pages 363-371
Hiba Adil; Abeer Sami; Moqdad Juber; Nawal Mohammed Dawood


Design and Implementation of High Frequency Inductor for Simultaneous Hardening

Pages 372-381
Mohammed. Ridha. Saeed. Al- Hendaw


Circuit Design and Implementation of Dental System Controller Based on FPGA

Pages 382-388
Naqa; a Luqman Mohammed


Design, Simulation and Analysis of New Optical Beamforming Matrix

Pages 403-411
Saad Saffah Hassoon Hreshee; saadalkhazali; yahoo.com; Qais Kareem Omran Al-Gayem


Buckling Columns Resistenes Using Liquid Nitride Case Hardening Method.

Pages 412-419
jamal mohammed hamed


Removal Efficiency of Sediment by Self-Cleaning of Combined Rectangular Weir with Three Ectangular Bottom Openings by Using ANN

Pages 420-433
Rafa H.Al-Suhaili; Jabbar H.Al-Baidhani; NassrinJ.Al-Mansori


Studying the Effects of Industrial Waste Water on Chemical and Physical Properties of Sandy Soil

Pages 434-440
Mahdi O. Karkush; Dhergham Abdul Jalel Resol


Behavior of Customary Jack-Arch Slabs in South of Iraq

Pages 441-452
ad Fahad Resan; Abbass Oda Dawod


Effect of Using Recycled Lightweight Aggregate on the Properties of Concrete

Pages 453-464
Tumadhir Merawi Borhan Tumadhir Merawi Borhan


Numerical Solution of Heat Transfer and Flow of Nanofluids in Annulus With Fins Attached on the Inner Cylinder

Pages 465-484
Khalid Faisal Sultan


Order Statistics for Negative Binomial Distribution

Pages 475-481
Tabark Ayad Ali; Hussain Ahmed Ali


A GIS Assesment of Water Quality in Euphrates River/Iraq

Pages 485-492
Hussain M.Salman; Mahdi N.Jasim; JasimM.Salman


Effect of Shot Peening on Dynamic Buckling Critical Load Parameter Produced for Carbon Steel Columns

Pages 493-500
Al-Alkawi Husian Jasim Mohammed; AL-Khazraji Ahmed N; Essam Zuhier Fadhel


Behavior of Steel Fiber Normal Strength Concrete Square Columns Under Cyclic Loading

Pages 501-512
Jabor AL-Jeabory


Digital Image Enhancement in Spatial Domain Eng.

Pages 508-517
Mohamed Khudhair Mahdi Al.Jbory

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