A Morphologically-based Optimality-theoretic Analysis of Modern Standard Arabic Broken Plural

Pages 11-34
Dr. Balqis I. G. Rashid - Zina Mahmood Shakir


The Will of Imam Ali(pbuh) to his Son Imam Al-Hassan(pbuh) in Nahj Al-Balagha: A Pragmatic Study

Pages 13-36
Dr. Murtadha Abbas Falih and Muntaha Inad Thamil


A Narrative Analysis of the Unreliable Narrator In Edgar Allan Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart

Pages 35-50
Ayad Abdul Razzaq Abood


- Stylistic Phenomena in Modern short story: Zulaikhat Yousef by Ali Al-Sibaei as a Sample

Pages 37-52
Maha Hilal Mohammed Al-Hammadi


Evaluating English Language Teaching ( ELT) Effectiveness at the University Level: A Formative Perspective: Oman as a Sample

Pages 51-70
Mohammed Ahmed Abdul Sattar


Ideological traces in some Modern Linguistic Theories

Pages 53-66
Hamid Nasir Al-Dhalimi


The Concept of Social Communication by Arabs before Islam in the Ideology of Al-Zubaidy: A Study in Taj Al-Aroos Dictionary

Pages 69-86
Hameed Siraj Jaber


The Impact of Iraqi Fourth-Year Students' Multiple Intelligencesupontheir Academic Achievement as Foreign Learners of English

Pages 71-92
Ala; Hussein Oda; Jullanar Adnan Othman


The Prophecies of Holy Books Holders about Prophet Mohammed: A Comparative Analytic Study

Pages 87-122
Dr.Ali Ghanim Chatheer and Akram Saood Hachim


Theme and Rheme : Types and Problems inEFL University Students' Written Texts

Pages 93-114
Nada Salih Abdul Ridha


Verbal Humour in Coward’s Relative Values: a Pragma-Stylistic Study

Pages 115-146
Arafat A. Ali Alabbad Jinan F. Al-Hajaj


An Auto Evaluation of the Demographic Environment in Shat Al-Arab City 2011

Pages 125-150
Dr. Ra; ad Yaseen Mohammed and Wasan Majid Abdullah


Verbal Humour as An Anti-Feminist Vehicle in Shaw's Heartbreak House : A Pragma-Stylistic-Study

Pages 147-178
Jinan F. Al-Hajaj Arafat A. Ali Alabbad


Measurement of Mathmatical Thinking in University students: A Field Study

Pages 153-172


Investigating Ideologies in E. M.Forster’s A PASSAGE TO INDIA in Terms of Van Dijk’s Model: A Study in Literary Discourse

Pages 179-206
College of Arts Asst. Professor Ridha Tha Noon; Husein Sharhan; M.A; College of Educatio; College of Arts Asst. Lecturer Ala; Ph.D; Professor Hamid M.Al-Hamadi


A Gender Analysis of the English Language Textbook "English For Iraq" Used in the Fifth Preparatory Classes in the Iraqi Preparatory Schools: An Evaluative Study

Pages 207-218
Mahdi Mohsin Mohammed AL-Asadi


The Relationship between Gothic Fiction and Halloween with Reference to Poe’sThe Masque of the Red Deat

Pages 219-234
Mahmoud A. Baddawi

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