Re–assessment of Pont’s index in Class I normal occlusion

Pages 1-5
Huda A Al–Sarraf; Ahmed A Abdul–Mawjood; Nada M Al–Sayagh


Handpiece asepsis among dental practitioners in Mosul City

Pages 6-11
Talal H Al–Salman; Nawfal A Zakaria; Moataz Gh Al–Shaekh Ali


Salivary calcium level during lactation

Pages 12-14
Karama MT Al–Nuaimy; Tahani A Al–Sandook


Prevalence of dental caries, dental health attitude and behaviour in Humaidat village, Ninevah, at the entry of 21st century

Pages 15-19
Saher S Gasgoos; Tarik Y Khamrco


Temperature rise beneath a light–cured materials using two types of curing machines

Pages 20-25
Sabah A Ismail; Abdul–Haq A Suliman


Anaesthetic efficacy of periodontal ligament injection of 2% lidocaine with 1:80,000 adrenaline

Pages 26-34
Shehab A Hamad


Reliability of the S–N line

Pages 35-41
Hussain A Obaidi


A comparative double–blind study among two universal systems of classification of impacted lower wisdom tooth and duration of surgery

Pages 42-47
Mohammad S Sulieman; Wa’el T Wattar; Karam H Jazrawi


The therapeutic effect of viscous solution of curcumine in the treatment of recurrent aphthous stomatitis (RAS)

Pages 48-52
Maha T Al–Saffar


Mesiodistal crowns angulation in Class II division 1 malocclusion

Pages 53-63
Neam F Agha; Mahmood Kh Ahmed; Dina A Al–Khashab


Preparation and modifying a new type of waxes

Pages 64-70
Nadira A Hatim; Amer A Taqa; Wafa M Abbas


A clinical evaluation on the alkalization of local anesthetic solution in periapical surgery

Pages 71-77
Fa’iz A Al–Sultan; Wafaa Kh Fathie; Rayan S Hamid


Anchorage loss and distal teeth movement

Pages 78-83
Neam F Agha


The effect of canal size on the penetration depth of endodontic irrigants

Pages 84-87
Nawfal A Zakaria


Clinical measurements of the dimensions of the dental arches and its application on construction of dental prosthesis

Pages 88-97
Zeina M Ahmed

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