A comparison of rugae pattern in males and females as a samples of Iraqi population

Pages 1-5
Tariq Jasim Mohamed


A description of Treacher Collins Syndrome in a Yemeni child. A case report

Pages 6-9
Salwa M. Al- Shaikhani


Anaerobic Microbiological study of periodontitis in Salah Al – Deen City

Pages 10-15
Hadeel M. Younis; Mohemid M. Al- Jebouri


Caries Experience in Relation to Weight Status among School Children Age 7-12 Year-old in Tikrit City

Pages 16-21
Azhar A. Al-Kamal


Dental Abnormalities in Children Affected with Hyperbilirubinaemia

Pages 22-28
Salim Jasim Khalaf


Dimensional stability of acrylic denture base material after poly vinyl pyrrolidone addition

Pages 29-38
Israa Mouhammed Humoudi


Effect of different partial ferrule locations on the fracture resistance of endodontically treated teeth restored with fiber posts and complete crowns

Pages 39-49
Haider Hasan Jasim


Impacted wisdom teeth, prevalence, pattern of impaction, complications and indication for extraction: A pilot clinic study in Iraqi population

Pages 50-62
Labeed Sami Hasan; Firas Taha Ahmad; Emad Hammody Abdullah


Localization of foreign body in the maxillary sinus using multi slice CT scan

Pages 63-67
Omar Basheer Taha Al-tekreeti


The Relationship between Periodontal Disease and Predisposing Factors

Pages 68-80
Mohemid M. Al- Jebouri; Hadeel M. Younis

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