The Effect of Radiotherapy on Oxidative Stress, Biochemical and Hematological Parameters inWomen with Breast Cancer

Pages 1-9
Rouia; A. R. Abulkassim; Dawsar; K. Ismael; A. M. Numan; Nawfal; Nada; N. Al-Shawi; Saad A. R. Hussain


Cichorium intybus Roots Extract: A New Culture Medium for Cultivation of Aspergillus niger, Aspergillus terreus, Fusarium graminearum and Candida albicans

Pages 10-14
Fitua Minuar Aziz


Antibacterial and Antibiofilm Activity of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles on Pseudomonas aeruginosa Isolates from Diabetic Foot Infections Grade 1

Pages 15-21
Ali R. Laftah; Suzan S. Hussain; Rawan A. Alanbare


Design and Implementation System for Serum Glucose Estimation

Pages 22-26
Auns Qusai H. Al-Neami; Sara Adnan Obaid


Quantitative Analysis of Dimetindene Maleate in Dosage Forms by Ion-pair Reversed- Phase HPLC

Pages 27-32
Kahtan Jassim Hasson


Synthesis, Characterization and Antimicrobial Screening of Some Bioactive 1,8-Naphthalimide Derivatives.

Pages 33-47
Ayad Kareem Khan; Suaad Mohammed Hussain; Mohammed Rifat Ahmad; Fitua Manwar Aziz; Shimaa Mutasim Abdulah


Correlation between anti-Proteus antibodies and isolation rates of Proteus mirabilis in rheumatoid arthritis Iraqi patients

Pages 48-54
Suzan Y. J; Khudhair AL-Badri; Rashid AL-Muslih; Jasim T. AL-Khafaji


Evaluation of Catecholamine Levels in Iraqi Female Parkinson's Patients by Using HPLC Technique

Pages 55-62
Alaa Kamal Jabbar Alhamd


Determination of Losartan and Losartan Carboxylic acid in Human Plasma by New HPLC Method with Fluorescence Detection for Pharmacokinetics Studies

Pages 63-77
Ahmed Abbas Hussein


Effects of Metformin &/or Glimepiride on Resistin Level and Related Biochemical Markers in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Pages 78-88
Hadeel Delman Najim; Ibrahim Adham Majeed; Abbas Mahdi Rahmah


Evaluation of the Predisposing Factors for Recurrent Respiratory Tract Infections in Iraqi Pediatric Patients.

Pages 89-93
Fadya Yaqoob Al-Hamdani; Basma Zuheir Al-Mutawalli


Synthesis and Characterization of Some New Ion-polymer Complexes as Topical Agents

Pages 94-102
Raheem Jameel Mohseen; Leaqaa Abd ul-radha; Khawla Silmaan Abd-Al Rassol


Culture and Molecular Detection of Staphylococcus aureus in Dairy Products of Ahwaz

Pages 103-107
Mastafa Heilo Jabber Al-musawi; Mushtaq Talib Shawi Al-Rubaye; Maryam Hosseini


Traumatic Diaphragmatic Rupture

Pages 108-115
Sameer Mohi-Aldeen


The Antibacterial Effect of Phytosterols Isolated from Echinops heterophyllus in Comparison with MEBO® and Standard Antimicrobial Agents.

Pages 116-128
Zena Munther Fahmi; Enas Jawad Khadeem; Huda Falah Hasan; Oday Kareem Luaibi


Urinary Tract Infection Prevalence and Antibiotic Resistance A Retrospective Study in Basra Governorate, Iraq

Pages 129-135
Ali Mohammed Hadi; Falah Hasan Sheri; Ausama Ayoub Jaccob


Detection of HCMV DNA in Chronic Periodontitis Patients by Real time PCR and its relation with the severity of disease

Pages 136-144
Wasan Adnan Abid Aun; Dawood Salim Edan

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