A comparative study of some kinematical variables for the flight phase of the hand boll between shooting from the (6m.) and the (9m.) line in handball

Volume 18, Issue 59, December 2012, Pages 217-230
Sabah Fathallah


A study of some physiological indicators of accomplishment and their relationship to the archers bow and arrow for applicants

Volume 48, Issue 1818, December 2016, Pages 31-46
Prof. Ammar Jassim; Riyadh Ali Mohsen


Constructing Capability Test of shooting from jumping position By Accuracy And Tolerance Performance In Handball

Volume 15, Issue 51, June 2009, Pages 231-253
Saαd Basim Jameel


The effectiveness of the use of yoga exercises and its impact on the reactions of the two Alvesologih nervous and respiratory systems in the correction of antenna pistol shooting accuracy

Volume 46, Issue 1818, December 2016, Pages 384-401
Assist prof Abeer dakal hatim D Ghosoun natak


The Effect of Angle and Shooting Position on the Accuracy of Close-Shooting in Team-Handball

Volume 12, Issue 40, April 2006, Pages 49-64
Abdel Kareem Kasim


The effect of a strategy (think - pair - share) in teaching the skill of free-throw shooting in basketball among fourth-grade students of science

Volume 25, 77 syppl, August 2022, Pages 14-29
Amal Butr; Ahmedl Ail; Rafal Ashaq; Nuhaal Nayef


The effect of resistance training in the power and speed of Shooting in terms of the electrical activity of muscles working for young football players hand

Volume 15, Issue 4, September 2015, Pages 41-48


The Relationship between some Biokinematic Variables and the accuracy of, distant Instep Shooting From Various Area for football-players

Volume 13, Issue 43, April 2007, Pages 74-95
Ammar A. Ehssan; Zuhair K. Al-Khashab


The study of manuscript titled (Al-Efada ana AlTabaseer )of Abdulla Bin Maymoon

Volume 2020, Issue 1, March 2020, Pages 245-269
Saadi. I. Al-Darraji

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