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Digital Change Detection and Map Analysis for Urban Expansion and Land Cover Changes in Karbala City

Engineering and Technology Journal
Volume 38, Issue 9, Summer 2020, Page 1246-1256
Noor H. Hamed; Muthanna M. Al Bayati; Haidar R. Mohammed


STVI calculating the changes in vegetable cover for a vegetated environment in west Iraq

Iraqi Journal of Physics
Volume 12, Issue 24, Summer 2014, Page 60-67
Hanaa I.Ali; Nawal K. Ghazal; Taghreed A.H. Naji


WIN32 Executable Viruses Detection

Baghdad College of Economic sciences University
Volume 0, Issue 39, Summer 2018, Page 411-420
Dr. Ayad A. AbdulSalam; Falah Mahdi Abduallh