AComparative Qualitative and Quantitative Study of Anthraquinone Derivatives in the Roots of Rheum ribes and Rheum emodi by HPLC

Volume 18, Issue 1, April 2009, Pages 60-64
Ekbal H. Al-Khateeb; Anna K. Jager; Alaadin M. Naqishbandi


A comparative study of the phenolic compounds of some Brassicaceae taxa by High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) technique

Volume 23, Issue 2, December 2018, Pages 45-48
Ghassan Radam Idan Al-Taie; Roqia Ahmad Al-Mashea; Nagham Saddon; Aseel Kadhim Al-Anbari


Adsorption of Herbicides on eight Agricultural Soils

Volume 3, Issue 2, August 2009, Pages 67-75
Rounak M.Shariff; Kafia M.Shareef


A Morphological And Chemical Study For Ceratophyllum demersum L. Growing In Some Ponds Near Mosul Forests.

Volume 17, Issue 3, September 2012, Pages 1-6
Ayad C. Al- Daody; Fathi A. Al-Mandeel


Antimicrobial and Cytotoxic Activity of Withania somnifera

Volume 18, Issue 3, September 2015, Pages 115-125
Waham S. Atta; Nabeel K. Al-Ani


Appreciation quantitative chemical compounds phenolic extract of the seeds of Syzgium aromaticum and study its inhibitory effect in some food-born pathogenic bacteria

Volume 37, Issue 2, December 2013, Pages 58-64
M. A. Hassan; I. Sh. Hamza; S.T. Hashim


A study of anti fungal activity of a combination of essential oils from medical herbs against water molds

Volume 13, Issue 4, December 2016, Pages 674-680
Rana Hadi Hameed al-Shammari


Bioequivalence and Pharmacokinetics of Two Formulations of Amlodipine Tablets in Healthy Subjects

Volume 23, Issue 1, June 2014, Pages 60-67
Jaafar J. Ibraheem Al-Tamimi


Characterization of Constituent Therapeutic Components of Alcea kurdica Flowers and Leaves Using HPLC Technique

Volume 20, Issue 1, June 2023, Pages 41-47
Dilbreen H. Abdulqader; Sami R. AL-Zubaydi; Enas Jawad Kadhim


Chemotaxonomical study of the genera Brunnera (Schenk) Jonston,Choriantha H.Rirdel., Cynoglossum Mill., Solenanthus Ledeb. & Symphytum (Boiss.) L. (Boraginaceae) in Kurdistan region of Iraq by using High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)

Volume 13, Issue 3, September 2017, Pages 88-103
Adel Mohan Adai


Comparative Bioequivalence Studies of doxysam and doxycycline (Pfizer) by reversed phase HPLC.

Volume 7, Issue 0, March 2010, Pages 601-606
Waleed A. Mahmoud; Fahdil M Abid; Nagham Abdulraheem Jasim


Comparative Study of Prepared Bromelain Gel Formulations and their Evaluation by HPLC Determination

Volume 16, Issue 2, December 2016, Pages 77-81
Kahtan Jassim Hasson


Comparative study of residues of Levofloxacin and Spiramycin in normal and infected tissues of chicken by HPLC

Volume 8, Issue 2, December 2017, Pages 45-55
lubna Ahmed kafi; Shatha Mousa Mlaghee Al safi


C-Reactive Protein as a Marker in the Iraq Patients with Poisoning Thyroid Gland Disease

Volume 36, 1B, January 2018, Pages 44-47
Maryam D. Kamel; Abbas A. Mohammed; Ali A. Ibrahim


Cytotoxic activity of ethanol extract of Sesamum indicum seeds to cancer cell lines in vitro

Volume 5, Issue 1, June 2012, Pages 28-33
Noor A. Ghani; Mahfoodha A. Umran; Muayad S. Shawkat


Detection and Estimation of Vitamin D2 in Catharanthus Roseus by HPLC and other Molecular Spectra Instruments as A Source of Vitamin D3 Production

Volume 13, Issue 2, June 2016, Pages 0-0
Mohammed Abbood Ayyash; Mufeed Jalil Ewadh; Nisreen Jalal Mohammed


Detection of Aflatoxigenic and Non-Aflatoxigenic Isolates of Aspergillus flavus Isolated From Some Clinical and Environmental Sources by HPLC and PCR Techniques

Volume 12, Issue 1, December 2018, Pages 40-48
Mushtak T.S. Al-Ouqaili; Mohammed H. Muslih; Salah M. A. Al-Kubaisi


Detection of insulin-like protein and some active compounds in Bauhinia variegata Linn. leaf ethanolic extracts and the effect in reducing blood glucose levels in mice

Volume 8, Issue 2, June 2014, Pages 76-83
Khaleel Ibrahim Rashid



Volume 9, Issue 3, September 2010, Pages 385-396


Detection of Some Active compounds and Vitamins Increasing in Aloe vera Callus culture

Volume 9, Issue 1, March 2012, Pages 18-22
Hadeel M. Habeeb; Ghussun S. Salih; Liqaa A. Jazaa; Basma A. Jasim; Saja H. Abidalameer


Determination of Active Ingredients ( Alliin & Allicin) in Different species of Garlic Extracts By Using High Performance Liquid Chromatography

Volume 9, Issue 2, June 2013, Pages 70-81
Eman Mohammed Kadhim Al- Dulimyi; Fadil Muhsin Abid; Mohammed Jamil Abid Al- Gani


Determination of Alliin and Allicin in different types Garlic using High Performance Liquid Chromatography

Volume 4, Issue 2, August 2010, Pages 16-23
Mohammad J. Abdul Ghani


Determination of Atenolol in Human Plasma by New HPLC Method with Fluorescence Detection for Pharmacokinetics Studies

Volume 5, Issue 7, June 2014, Pages 238-261
Ahmed A. Hussein


Determination of caffeine content in Baghdad Soft Drinks Company products using HPLC technique

Volume 9, Issue 3, September 2013, Pages 83-96
Nuha .A. j .Imran


Determination of Losartan and Losartan Carboxylic acid in Human Plasma by New HPLC Method with Fluorescence Detection for Pharmacokinetics Studies

Volume 14, Issue 2, December 2014, Pages 63-77
Ahmed Abbas Hussein

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