Effect of Different Temperatures On some Biological Fields Of Saw-Toothed Grain Beetle

Volume 33, Issue 4, October 2007, Pages 7-13
Muntha J. K; Thria A. Al-Saadee; Nasser H. Al-Dosary


Effect of Dual Reinforcement on Wear Resistance by Aluminum Compacts Reinforce by SiC, Al2O3

Volume 27, Issue 13, September 2009, Pages 423-429
Mohammed Saeed. Waheed; Hassan Hamed. Abed


Evaluation of Aerodynamic Coefficients of High Temperature Gas Turbine Cascade of Cooled Blade

Volume 29, Issue 8, June 2011, Pages 1563-1579
Haider L. Aneed; Assim H Yousif


One Parameter Composite Semigroups of Linear Bounded Operators in Strong Operator Topology of Schatten Class Cp

Volume 29, Issue 8, June 2011, Pages 1463-1470
Samir Kasim Hassan; Al-Taie M; Al-Malki Anam; Al-Attar Abeer; Mustafa Khaleel Ismael; Fatema Ahmed Sadeq; Radhi A .Zboon; Jehad R.Kider; Samir K .Hassan; Hussain J. M. Alalkawi; Raad H. Majid; Rawaa A. Alomairy; Luma Abdul Ghani Zghair; Hadia Kadhim J.Al-Ogili; Assifa M. Mohamad; Abbas Sheyaa Alwan; Haider L. Aneed; Assim H Yousif; Salema Sultan Salman; Abbas Hussien Miry; Abduladhem A.Ali; Mohammed Zeki Al-Faiz; Sabah N. mahmood; Khansaa Dawood Selman; Shaymaa Tareq Kadhim


Prediction of Tigris River Stage in Qurna, South of Iraq, Using Artificial Neural Networks

Volume 27, Issue 13, September 2009, Pages 2448-2456
Ali H. Al Aboodi; Ammar S. Dawood; Sarmad A. Abbas


Preliminary Design of A multi- Stage Axial Compressor

Volume 14, Issue 2, June 2008, Pages 2534-2551
Ruqeaa Ismail M. Al-Rubyee; Ihsan Y. Hussain; Munther I. Al-Druby


The concept of Temporary in the Prophets Military Recommendation and the locational distance .

Volume 0, Issue 3, January 2017, Pages 69-85
HameedSarrag AL-Asedi

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