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Design and Implementation of Home Security System Using Zigbee and Arduino Controller With Sensors

Kirkuk University Journal-Scientific Studies
Volume 14, Issue 1, Winter 2019, Page 34-55
Mohammed F. Abdulqader


Effect of Annealing temperature on the Structural, Optical and Sensitivity Properties of Nanostructure SnO2 Films to CO2 and NH3 Gas

Iraqi Journal of Science
Volume 55, Issue 3, Summer 2014, Page 1264-1286
Ali Ahmed Yousif; Ameer Ibraheem khudadad


Enhancement of gas response of annealed ZnO film for hydrogen gas detection

Iraqi Journal of Physics
Volume 12, Issue 23, Spring 2014, Page 73-79
Thamir A.A. Hassan


Humidity and Gas Sensitivity of NI and Co Ferrites pellets with nanoscale grain size at Room Temperature

Kirkuk University Journal-Scientific Studies
Volume 8, Issue 2, Spring 2013, Page 26-33
Abdulsamee F. Abdul-Aziz; Abdulmajjed I. Abrahem; Khalaf I. Khaleel


Intelligent Modeling of Metal Oxide Gas Sensor

Engineering and Technology Journal
Volume 36, 7A, Summer 2018, Page 777-783
Omar F. Lutfy; Alaa A. Abdul-Hamead


Manufacturing of Bi-functional Nano-sensor of Nobel Metal for Hydrocarbon Gas Detection in Petroleum Sector Using Pulse Laser Deposition Technique

Engineering and Technology Journal
Volume 35, Issue 8, Summer 2017, Page 864-871
K.A. Sukkar; S.M. Kadhim; A.S. Falih


Nanostructure Dopants TiO2 Films for Gas Sensing

Iraqi Journal of Applied Physics
Volume 7, Issue 2, Summer 2011, Page 27-31
A.J. Haider; R.M.S. Alhaddad; K.Z. Yahya


New Design of Mobile Robot Path Planning with Randomly Moving Obstacles

Tikrit Journal of Engineering Sciences
Volume 20, Issue 1, Winter 2013, Page 21-28
Mustafa Zuhear Nayef; Dr. Thair Ali Salih


Physical Properties of Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) Nanopartical Thin Films Used as Gas Sensor

Engineering and Technology Journal
Volume 33, Issue 1, Winter 2015, Page 141-151
Saryia D.M AL-Algawi; Selma M.H Al-Jawad; Noor M. Saadoon


Synthesis of Porous Silicon by Electrochemical Etching for Gas Sensor Application

Engineering and Technology Journal
Volume 40, Issue 4, Spring 2022, Page 555-562
Duha H. Jwied; Uday M. Nayef; Falah AH Mutlak