A Comparative Study of the Effect of using the E-Portfolio which Enhanced with Enrichment activities and a File to earn the Physical Education Teaching Method concepts of Students of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Sciences, Mosul University

Volume 23, Issue 72, October 2020, Pages 1-26
Dhyaa Qasim Alkhayat; Fadha’a Zuhair Sultan


Construction a Scale of Theoretical and Legal Knowledge of Basketball Among Second-Year Students in the College of Physical Education And Sports Sciences | Mosul University for the Academic Year 2021/2022

Volume 25, 77 syppl, August 2022, Pages 231-238
Ahmed Abdel Muttalib; isam Nahi; Hashim Ahmed Suliman Al-Essa


Determining Standard grades and levels to some Fitness elements for standard of College of Physical education

Volume 11, Issue 39, December 2005, Pages 89-115
Ghaida S. Aziz; Makey M. Hamoodat


Evaluating the teaching skills of the physical education subjects according to the educational environment in the schools of the city of Mosul

Volume 25, 78 syppl, August 2022, Pages 129-140
EThar abdulkreem; Salwan Khaled; ahmed qasem


Evaluation of syllabus for sport injuries and rehabilitation in the teaching guide-book for primary and intermediate schools in Iraq

Volume 27, Issue 3, September 2015, Pages 210-228
Muna Jabir Ibraheem


Identify the Attitudes of Physical Education Teachers in Mafraq Governorate Towards the Obstacles to Teaching Students in Light of the Spread of the Corona Pandemic

Volume 25, Issue 76, April 2022, Pages 206-216
Muhammad Ali M. Hawamdeh


Psychological representation among the players of some teams of the College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences - University of Mosul

Volume 25, 77 syppl, August 2022, Pages 220-230
Ismail Saleh; Nagham ALkhafaf; Nagham Al-Obaidi


Suggested standards for the quality of higher education for the Colleges of physical education and sports sciences in Iraq from the teachers' point of view

Volume 25, 78 syppl, August 2022, Pages 218-236
Ali Abedalkader Ahmad Albyati; Hashim Ahmed Suliman Al-Essa


The effect of using the round robin in learn the art of performing some volleyball skills and developing the tendency towards physical education for secondary students

Volume 25, 78 syppl, August 2022, Pages 78-92
Nabaa Fesal Fesal; nibras Youns al murad


The expense of energy expended (calories) during the studied physical education for primary schools.

Volume 26, Issue 2, June 2014, Pages 224-234
t Hussein; Firas Tala; Ali Maseer Yaseen


The percentage contribution of physical Education lesson and team Training in Improving of skillful and physical Abilities from the point of view of physical education teacher

Volume 15, Issue 52, December 2009, Pages 53-70
Tala Abdalah; Sawd Abdulmuhsn

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