The effect of educational games according to the stages of the complete kinetic sequence to develop some physical abilities and the achievement of junior long jump players

Volume 25, 78 syppl, August 2022, Pages 18-28
Aseel Kateh; Hadi Khither


The effect of his own plan exercises according to anaerobic energy system in the development of somePhysical abilities and wall-bending skill for volleyball players

Volume 4, Issue 18, June 2019, Pages 165-178
موفق اسعد محمود; محمد عبید جمیل مطر


The Effect Of Using Exercises By Supporting Means With Pro And Against Movement In Developing Some Physical Capabilities In Rising Angle To Achieve Long Jump For Juveniles

Volume 4, Issue 18, June 2019, Pages 155-164
وصال صبیح کریم; لوئی صباح فلیح; علی نوری علی


The impact of special exercises in developing some of the physical abilities and basic defensive skills of footballers

Volume 4, Issue 18, June 2019, Pages 53-72
نجم عبد مطشر اللامی


The Influence of the Exercises using Training Equipment under a Training Environment on Improving some Physical Abilities and the Spike Accuracy of the Players at the Specialized Training Center for Volleyball

Volume 5, Issue 22, June 2021, Pages 73-88
Ethar Hamdi Abdulrahman Omran; Dr. Adnan Fad’us Omar


تأثیر تمرینات مرکبة فی تطویر بعض القدرات البدنیة ومهارتی المراوغة والتهدیف بکرة القدم المصغرة

Volume 4, Issue 20, June 2020, Pages 53-60
أ.م.د انتظار جمعة مبارک; زینب ستار صحن

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