A contrastive study in some body measurements and functional variables between the goal keepers and the futsal goalkeepers

Volume 25, Issue 79, October 2022, Pages 293-303
Omar Sameer Hamoo; Aida Mohamad Al akam; Khaled Hameed Majeed


Analysis of the Relationship Between Some Bio-kinematics Variables with Physical Measurements in the Back Swimming

Volume 24, Issue 74, April 2021, Pages 73-83
Falah Taha Hamo; Serwan Ibrahim Zakar


Contribution Percentages of certain Body Measurements and Physical Fitness Components on certain Handball Attack Skills for the students of Sport Education Institution in Akra

Volume 18, Issue 59, December 2012, Pages 313-336
Dhyaa. Ibrahim; Shihab. hassan


The effectiveness of physical measurements in distinguishing the hierarchical method for high- and low-level students in physical fitness

Volume 25, 77 syppl, August 2022, Pages 196-206
haifa hadi; ghayda Al_Neamy


The effect of taking pure creatine that accompanied with training on some body component and measurements for beginners

Volume 22, Issue 69, April 2019, Pages 61-91
Yassin AL Hajar; Yasser Muneir AL-Bakal


أثیر بعض القیاسات الجسمیة بدقة وسرعة الارسال فی التنس الطاولة

Volume 4, Issue 20, June 2020, Pages 137-146
م.م سلوى فکرت نجم الدین


بعض الصفات البدنیة والقیاسات الجسمیة الخاصة کمحددان لانتقاء حراس المرمى لکرة قدم الصالات

Volume 4, Issue 20, June 2020, Pages 183-200
م. د أیاد علی محمود; م .د عمار شهاب أحمد; عماد تحسین ابراهیم

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