Consolidation Characteristics of Unsaturated Soil

Volume 27, Issue 10, July 2009, Pages 2027-2046
Firas J. Kadhim; Mohammed Y. Fattah


Effect of Cycling Wetting and Drying on Suction Variation Under Axial Loading an Experimental Approach

Volume 34, 13A, December 2016, Pages 2500-2506
Suhail A. A. Khattab; Asma Ahmed Ali


Effect of Dynamic Earth Vibration on the Behavior of Laterally Loaded Single Pile Embedded within Unsaturated Soil

Volume 39, Issue 12, December 2021, Pages 1748-1752
Maha H. Abood; Mahmood R. Mahmood; Nahla M. Salim


Effect of Suction on Volumetric Yielding Behavior under Different Initial Conditions for Fine-Grained Soils

Volume 31, Issue 20, November 2013, Pages 339-358
Yasir Al-Badran; Tom Schanz


Finite Element Simulation of the Bearing Capacity of an Unsaturated Coarse-Grained Soil

Volume 8, Issue 1, December 2012, Pages 17-28
Mohammed Y. Fattah; Khalid R. Mahmood; Muataz M. Muhyee


Nature of Soil-Water Characteristics Curves (SWCC)for Soils from Anbar Governorate

Volume 3, Issue 1, May 2010, Pages 61-80
Ahmed H. Abdul Kareem; Khalid R. Mahmood


Numerical Modeling of Pore Water Pressure Development in Mosul Dam

Volume 31, 4A, April 2013, Pages 618-631
Suhail A. A. Khattab; Amina A. Khalil


Total and Matric Suction in Unsaturated Soil with the Existence of Different Salts Content

Volume 31, Issue 20, November 2013, Pages 280-298
Mohammed Y. Fattah; Asmaa Y. Yahya; Maysam Th. Al-Hadidi; Balqees A. Ahmed


Variation of Matric Suction as a Function of Gypseous Soil Dry Density

Volume 38, 6A, June 2020, Pages 861-868
Hussein H. Karim; Qasim A. Al-Obaidi; Ali A. Al-Shamoosi

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