A combined 2-dimensional fuzzy regression model to study effect of climate change on the electrical peak load

Volume 6, Issue 1, June 2010, Pages 45-49
Hamed Shakouri G; Hosain Zaman


Assessment Timing Criterions of Spring Streamflow Hydrograph for Lesser Zab River

Volume 23, Issue 5, December 2015, Pages 13-21
Thair M. AL-Taiee; Mohanad T. AL-Shaar


Climate Changes and its Impact on Change of Crop Structure in Anbar from the period (1980-2014

Volume 2020, Issue 2, June 2020, Pages 1455-1489
Laith Mhmood Khalfh


Comparison of the Trends of Mean Temperature and Rainfall Rate in the City of Samawah (Iraq) with Global Climate Change

Volume 37, 1C, April 2019, Pages 168-174
Athier Hussin


Electricity Generation from Hydro, Wind, Solar and the Environment

Volume 39, Issue 9, September 2021, Pages 1392-1398
Olumide A. Towoju; Oluwatoyin A. Oladele


Future Water Requirements and Crop Productivity at Al-Najaf Governorate Under Different Climate Change Scenarios (2020–2080)

Volume 41, Issue 5, May 2023, Pages 687-697
Noor Sabah; Mustafa Al-Mukhtar; Khalid Shemal


Impact of Climate Change on the Spatiotemporal Distribution of Stream Flow and Sediment Yield of Darbandikhan Watershed, Iraq

Volume 38, 2A, February 2020, Pages 265-276
Mahmoud S. Al- Khafaji; Rana D. Al- Chalabi


Impact of sunspots on climate and hydrology of Shatt Al-Arab Delta

Volume 10, Issue 1, February 2014, Pages 73-83
H.A. Al-Sayaab


Potential Impact of Global Warming on Climate and Streamflow of Adhaim River Basin, Iraq

Volume 40, Issue 11, November 2022, Pages 1510-1521
Fouad H. Saeed; Mahmoud S. Al-Khafaji; Furat Al-Faraj


Studying the Global Climate Changes using Artificial Intelligence: An Overview

Volume 28, Issue 2, September 2023, Pages 296-309
Bashar Muneer Yahya


Temperature variability as an indicator of climatic change in Erbil Province / Iraqi Kurdistan Region

Volume 7, Issue 3, September 2016, Pages 1-15
Zahir A. Amin


The environmental impact of the drought phenomenon in Babil Governorate and the potential for reducing it

Volume 0, Issue 38, November 2018, Pages 1040-1057
Afrah Ibrahim Shamki


The impact of climate change and the sustainable development strategy on the physical education lesson

Volume 26, Issue 80, April 2023, Pages 388-396
mohammed Asim Ghazi; Walaa Abdel Fattah Sayed Ahmed; Sabah Jasim Mohammad


The impact of climate change on food security for a sample of the Arab regions for the period (2005-2015)

Volume 12, Issue 4, November 2020, Pages 108-127
Ruqayah Kh.Hamad .; Alaa W.Mahdi .; Nada S.Sttam .


Trends Analysis of Long-Term Meteorological Data

Volume 28, Issue 2, September 2023, Pages 152-162
Ayman Talib Hamid

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