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Analytical View On The Manifestations of The Narrative Discourse in the Holy Quran

Journal of Al_Anbar University for Language and Literature
Volume 0, Issue 18, Summer 2017, Page 105-126
Sayad Mohammed Mir Husseiny; Ali Qalikhi; Ibrahim Nategh


From the Sharqati Excavators : Salih Ahmed Al-Hamedha and his brother Mohammad Served the archeological Excavations in Iraq

Athar Alrafedain
Volume 5, Issue 2, Autumn 2020, Page 203-236


Mohammad Inga, the Pioneer of the Ottoman Reforms in Mosul (1834-1843)

College Of Basic Education Researches Journal
Volume 12, Issue 3, Summer 2013, Page 393-412
Luma Abdulaziz Mustafa


Some examples of prophecy era’s women’s love to the prophet Mohamed peace be upon him

Journal of Historical studies
Volume 0, Issue 22, Autumn 2017, Page 19-42
Prof. Dr. Rachid Kohouss


The Prophet Mohammad's Marriage of Lady Khadija and the Oreientalist attitude (Montgomary Watt) of him.

Basic Education College Magazine For Educational and Humanities Sciences
Volume 0, Issue 39, Autumn 2018, Page 1059-1070
Mahir Jwad Kadhim Al; Shimary; Adil Esmaeel Khalil